What's to love about Transitions?

Small groups... no more than 4 riders ensures you get our undivided attention.
We cater for ALL riders from beginners to FEI, small children to young adults.
Experienced & qualified instructors take all our mounted lessons & lectures.
Riders from all disciplines and with all sorts of horses are welcome at the club.
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News & Announcements

Transitions Leaderboard Series
Congratulations to the winners of our Transitions Leaderboard Series run over the December 3rd 2017 and March 4th 2018 Dressage Days.
PREP - OPEN:Gina Hendrie
ELEM - OPEN:Bonnie Dumbreck
PREP - YR:Caitlen Lilly
RELIM - OPEN:Frances Woods
MEDIUM - OPEN:Shanae Hill
PRELIM - YR:Ella Wilson
NOVICE - OPEN:Keely Lambert
PSG & INTER 1: Marjorie Radford
NOVICE - YR:Ella Wiseman
Our champions
Posted on 08-03-2018

Dates for 2nd Half of 2017/2018 Season
3rd Feb : Rally
3rd Mar : Rally
4th Mar : Unofficial Dressage Day
7th Apr : Rally
8th April : Official Dressage Day
5th May : Rally - Brookleigh
Posted on 11-12-2017