Transitions Young Rider Trophy

Leilana and Ana DivaTropy Winner Leilana
2022 Transitions Young Rider Trophy Winner – Leilani Witt
My name is Leilani Witt, I am 13 years old, and I live in Geraldton. In 2022 I rode Eliza Hebiton’s (my coach’s) horse, Ana Diva (stable name Greta). In our first competition together, we scored 73.088 % in our Novice and 77.321% in our Preliminary test, which was our highest score for the season.

Our other achievements were Prelim Gold Performance Medal and DWA Junior Award for the highest percentage at the WA State Dressage Championships for a junior rider. I was also nominated for the EWA Junior Rider of the Year. 2022 was my (and Greta’s) first time at the States, and when we went into the C-Quest for our first test on the first day at 7:30 in the morning we were about to start when the arena blew over. About 20min later after the volunteers put the arena back up I continued my test.

Greta is kept at Bonsai Jacks Riding School and now Eliza wants to breed with her. I still get to ride her, but just for fun. Sometimes I do jumping with her and other times I ride her out on the cross-country course. Greta’s favourite treats are apples, and she LOVES her ears being scratched. I now have my own horse called Rohan Mr. Bond, he is 4 years old, and I hope to train him to Grand Prix.

I am extremely proud to have won the Transitions trophy in 2022 and I’d just like to thank my coach Eliza Hebiton and my sponsor Tao Jordan Holistic Healing for supporting me. Thank you transitions dressage club, your award is very special and beautiful.

Leilani Witt and Ana Diva, Geraldton April 2023
2021 Transitions Trophy winner
ELIZA HEBITON and "ANA DIVA" also known as Greta.
The score of 74.428% was achieved in the Novice 2:C at Geraldton in June 2021.
This is the 3rd time Eliza has won this Young Rider Trophy. 2017 and 2018 with her horse "REVELWOOD OLIVIA"
Tyla Shou
Tyla Schou 2020 Transitions Trophy Winner
2020 was a great year being Hughsie’s (Calcarra Majestic Flair) first year of competition. We started the year out with a few local events, having great success and very positive comments and marks. Being a 5 year old who was very new to the competition atmosphere Liz (Hughsie’s Owner) and I were so pleased with how Hughsie took everything in his stride. Prior to the 2020 competition season I had been working with Hughsie for less than a year. In that time we had made great progress in our training and thought 2020 was the perfect year to bring him out, setting the goal of competing at his first State Championships. Unfortunately part way through the year COVID 19 hit and it was very unclear wether we would have anymore competitions. Although competitions were put on hold, our training certainly wasn’t. I looked at it as the perfect opportunity to train hard. By the time the state dressage championships came around Liz and I were very happy with how Hughsie was performing in his training and thought it was time to enter him. The competitions for me are all about getting feedback and ensuring my training is on track. Hughsie certainly didn’t disappoint us at the States, coming home with Preliminary Champion and Reserve Novice Champion. It was such a privilege to be awarded the Transitions Trophy. For Hughsie’s first competition year and our first year as a partnership it was so special to achieve so much in such a small space of time. He showed us how much potential he has and made our little team very excited for the future. Following the States we continued on with our training, working towards the elementary work ready for the 2021 season.

All in all we had a fabulous year. We were all very lucky to get a few events in during the COVID crisis. Hughsie and I couldn’t have achieved so much without all the effort his lovely owner Liz Dempster puts in for us. I admire the way she allows time for her horses to grow physically and mentally. She is in no rush, just wants a happy healthy horse!

Thank you to the whole dressage community and thank you transitions dressage club, your award is very special and much appreciated.

Tyla Schou
Chloe MoonChloe Moon and Frosty
2019 Transitions Young Rider Trophy Winner - Chloe Moon

2019 was my first year of competition with Gesusa Park Furst Light (Frosty) and I am very proud to be awarded the Transitions Young Rider Trophy for the 2019 competition season.

Dressage in Western Australia is so lucky to have the support of a young rider club such as Transitions to encourage young riders to achieve a high level of excellence in their training, which in turn reflects in the competition arena.

My family purchased Frosty for me in mid 2018 from Sara Price and Deon Stokes of "Stokes SportHorses". With their correct and professional training methods, the team at Stokes gave Frosty the best possible start under saddle, something that I believe is very important for a young horse looking to go all the way to Grand Prix. My ultimate dream for Frosty.

Together this year we have achieved some fantastic scores and when the training from home is able to be transferred into the competition arena, even if it is just for a moment, it really makes me excited for his future. I have two highlights from this year, the first was our achievement of our highest score of 77% at Perth Dressage’s July competition, where he was also awarded the highest score of the day and his first garland. (The showhorse girl in me still gets excited about the flowers ! )

The second highlight was his 1:C test at the 2019 Rubber Gem WA State Dressage Championships. He just completely zoned in and focused on me and we were able to bring our training into the competition arena. Even though it was only a prelim test he filled me with great hope for his ability for Grand Prix work in his future.

When you can ride a test and achieve the training goals you set at home, it is a great feeling, and to me that is what dressage is all about; continually improving and meeting goals.

I am very fortunate to have excellent eyes on the ground in my coaches, Nadine Merewether, Deon Stokes and Steph Spencer, who all guide me on this journey with Frosty, ensuring we have the correct training to bring the best out in Frosty and myself.

As I look to 2020 I am excited to train hard and develop an even stronger bond and higher level of education in Frosty.

My goal will be the same, to bring our training into the competition arena and slowly, but correctly, make our way to our dream of Grand Prix.

Chloe Moon. Dec.2019
2018 Transitions Young Rider Trophy Winner
Olive had a successful 2018 season with some fantastic scores in novice and upgrading to elementary mid way through the season. Locally, Olive won the Greenough Equine Vet Centre Overall Champion at the Geraldton Dressage Championships in August where we received $1000 in prizemoney! This was definitely a highlight as well as being awarded Runner-up State Champion Novice Horse out of a 40 horse strong field.

Immediately after the State Dressage championships (Sunday night) I flew out to Germany to complete my Trainer C coaching course at the Westfälische Reit- und Fahrschule, my third time traveling to the school in Münster. I had a fantastic 4 weeks away riding everyday both dressage and jumping, plus learning a lot of theory in regards to teaching, management and horse/rider biomechanics. I passed my exams after a lot of study, 3 riding exams (cross-country, dressage and show jumping), 2 teaching and 3 theory tests with a panel of 4 German assessors.

Over the summer Olive has been working on her medium movements and will be competing medium and hopefully advanced by the end of the year! A huge thank you to my coaches Ron Paterson and Hazel Hikins for all their support, and my wonderful sponsor Geraldton Stockfeeds for supplying my horses with all their feed and care needs with quick easy service.

Eliza Hebiton and Revelwood Olivia
Eliza - Trophy winnerEliza Hebiton & Revelwood Olivia
2017 Transitions Trophy Winner - Eliza Hebiton
Revelwood Olivia

While on a family visit for Christmas in Melbourne, Olive was purchased as a newly under saddle and just 3yo in December 2015. A few days after Christmas we decided to take a day trip up to Sydney to view and ride at Revelwood Stud. The spontaneous trip almost resulted in a missed flight which was completely devastating to hear, although shortly after being told we could not board we found ourselves running through the Melbourne airport at 5 in the morning. Riding boots flying out of my backpack and quite a few people slightly confused by the mad horse family bolting past them.

You could say the trip paid off as this adorable little warmblood mare was just perfect! It was so nice to meet her sire ( Pref Keur OO Seven ) and as well as David Schoobridge riding Agent de Jeu her half brother.
Olive arrived in Geraldton (approximately 5 hours North of Perth) from NSW in February 2016. Throughout the remainder of 2016 I spent the majority of the time adjusting my riding from ponies to warmbloods, just a slight change!

2017 was our first year of competitive dressage which was very exciting with lots of new experiences for Olive and myself. We attended the Young Horse Seminar, State Dressage championships and several local dressage competitions. As 2017 was my final year at school competing and keeping horses fit was definitely a challenge but with great rewards, and I am very proud to have been the recipient on the Transitions Dressage Club Perpetual Trophy.

Thank you!
My coaches are Ron Paterson and Hazel Hikins.
Sponsor: Geraldton Stockfeeds
Bessie & StatelyBessie & Stately
Winner 2016
I am so delighted that one of my horses (and my rider) has been honoured in such a way by Transitions and am so grateful for the support from the club.

I am very proud of Bessie and all that she has achieved both with her own and on my horses. At only 19, she looks set to have a wonderful career with horses and is just a delight to work with every day. She is always to take advice and works so hard to improve both herself and the horses with a calm and sensitive attitude.

Heidi Emery

Up until I started working for Heidi Emery at Hermitage Dressage, I had a general background with horses and was probably more focused on showjumping and eventing. On horses that I had trained myself, I have been a member of BEATS, completed a charity ride to Kalgoorlie as well as competing successfully up to 1* eventing, including the Diamond Class at Eventing in the Park.

I had just returned from 4 months riding in the Hunter Valley at Hunters Lodge show jumping stables when my jumping coach, Nellandra Henry, recommended me to as a good option for a general stable hand to Heidi. I started at Hermitage Dressage in May 2015.

I was also bringing on my young warm blood, Padbury Park Griffindor. Heidi happened to be a competition where I was competing with Gryffindor not long after I started working working for her and was impressed with how I rode him and was developing him. As a result, she initially asked me to sit on her thoroughbred mare (Over the Moon) and then asked me to try with Stately, whom she had been slowly bringing back into full work after some time off due to a muscle injury.

Stately is a very athletic 17h plus 8 year old German Sporthorse by Rich Charly (Rubenstein/Florestan) out of Palluca (Donnerchlag/Pardon). According to his pedigree, he has all of the 'rideable' genetics”which he uses sometimes! Stately is a quirky horse and it took some time for me to form a partnership as I adjusted to riding a horse of his exuberance.

Our first outing together was a clinic with Stefan Wolfe in July 2015 and I then worked with Heidi towards our first competition start which we completed in November 2015 with a start at Novice level at the SEC for a plus 70% win. I was super pleased with Stately that day and we realised that, despite all his quirks, he LOVED being a competition horse.

I then met Martina Hannover riding Stately at a clinic in January 2016 and decided to take up her offer to head to her stables in Germany and learn as much as I could to develop my skills in my newly found focus on dressage!

I had booked to leave Australia in May 2016 and we got to work with Stately making the most of the short time I had before I left. We competed successfully at the 2016 WA State Championships with top 10 placings at Novice level and just prior to my departure competed at the Perth Dressage Club May competition at the SEC. My first ever ride at Elementary level went well and then in difficult conditions Stately reminded us that he is a serious competitor and gave me a fabulous ride for a plus 75% win in the Novice.

Stately is a smart, clever but a quirky individual. He makes every ride a challenge but is always rewarding. He has taught me a lot, the main lesson being patience. Although he can be a little difficult to take out, at times, he has stepped up each time and made me very proud.

Bessie Traylen
2015 Young Rider Trophy Winner
Jessica Barlett riding Phantom Database with a score of 74.783% winner of the Transitions Young Rider Trophy 2015.
2014 Young Rider Trophy Winner
Fraser Bower riding Don J'amee with 73.426%
2013 Winner Fraser Bower
Don J'amee is a Warmblood Thoroughbred Cross by Demetrius out of Hov's Reminicing. 2013 was the first full season of competition for "Jimmy" and I and I don't think I could be happier with how it went! Being an eventer, I aimed to improve throughout the year with an emphasis on flatwork, as it is my main weakness.

With both the help of my flatwork coach Judy Weber and jumping coach Leone Baxter, we improved immensely moving from EvA95 to One star. Some of our major achievements include winning the Wooroloo II EvA105 class and placing 12th in the Eventing in the Park Grand Prix.

I competed quite successfully in a couple of Official Dressage classes, which I found to be very rewarding. This also made the Dressage phase in Eventing a lot less daunting.

Jimmy has been an absolute pleasure to ride throughout the year. He's got a hilarious character and is never a pain to ride. I am looking forward to the 2014 season and aim to compete in a range of Dressage, Show Jumping and Eventing.
Teagen Sutton and Amberville RosensteinTeagen Sutton and Amberville Rosenstein
2012 Winner Teagen Sutton
Amberville Rosenstein is an Arabian Warmblood by Elouera Quixote out of Maralinga Summer Edition. 2012 was his first season of Official Dressage Competition which began at the Jill Stanton Serpentine Dressage in February. We have had a fantastic first season both locally in Geraldton and also very competitive in Perth which would not have been possible without my local coach Elizabeth Boyle and visiting coach Judy Weber.

One of “JD’s” greatest attributes is his temperament. He is chilled out, willing to work and will always put in 100% both at competition and work/play at home. One of our major achievements throughout the 2012 season was gaining the Highest Percentage by a local rider at the Leon Baker Dressage Championships, winning a saddle kindly donated by Europa Saddlery Geraldton.

It was great to begin the season at the Jill Stanton Dressage Series, as well as finish it. Our final Official dressage competition was the final part to the series where we were awarded the Preliminary Champion, also the Saddles Plus Novice Champion. Unexpectedly we were also awarded the Ramsay’s Transport Preliminary Leaderboard Dressage Horse of the Year for 2012 at the Guinot Spring Dressage Festival.

Throughout the year we have had a play in the show jumping ring, competing up to 80cm’s and some cross country jumping. I am very excited to begin the 2013 season, get to as many competitions as probable and have fun which wouldn’t be possible with my family and friends support, especially my Mum!

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Novice Young Rider Class 15-18 yrs

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