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Dates for 2023/2024 Season
19th Aug 2023 - Make-up rally from Feb'23
9th Sep 2023 - Rally - AGM
7th Oct 2023 - Rally
4th Nov 2023 - Rally
5th Nov 2023 - Unofficial Dressage Day
Grounds closed for maintenance 6th Nov - 1st Jan 2024

3rd Feb 2024 - Rally
2nd Mar 2024 - Rally
3rd Mar 2024 - Unofficial Dressage Day
6th Apr 2024 - Rally
4th May 2024 - Rally
5th May 2024 - Official Dressage Day
Posted on 11-07-2023

Dates for 2022/2023 Season
10th Sep 2022 - Rally / AGM
8th Oct 2022 - Rally
5th Nov 2022 - Rally
3rd Dec 2022 - Rally
4th Dec 2022 - Unofficial Dressage Day

4th Feb 2023 - Rally
4th Mar 2023 - Rally
5th Mar 2023 - Unofficial Dressage Day
1st Apr 2023 - Rally
6th May 2023 - Rally
7th May 2023 - Official Dressage Day
Posted on 16-06-2022

Dates for Second Half of 2021/2022 Season
5th Feb 2022 - RALLY - cancelled
5th Mar 2022 - RALLY
6th Mar 2022 - Unofficial Dressage Day
2nd Apr 2022 - RALLY
23rd Apr 2022 - RALLY - make-up for Feb
7th May 2022 - RALLY
8th May 2022 - Official Dressage- Nominated event for DWA's Invitational Final
Posted on 11-03-2022

Cancellation of Event - 5 Dec 2021
Unfortunately we have had to make the decision to cancel Sunday's dressage day due to the predicted forecast in the Armadale area, of 35degrees.

We would be required to have the competition finished by 11:00am to limit overheating of horses. With the number of entries received, this would be impossible.

HOT WEATHER POLICY is listed in the current National Dressage Rules - Annex C (pages 160-165).

If riders would like to transfer their entry to our March 6th, Unofficial day (same tests to be offered), or require a refund, please email or message Marian on FB. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Posted on 03-12-2021

Dates for Start of 2021/2022 Season
7th August 2021 - make-up rally for last season
28th August 2021 RALLY - AGM
2nd Oct RALLY
6th Nov RALLY
4th Dec RALLY
5th Dec Unofficial Dressage Day
Posted on 09-04-2021

Congratulations to the following 2020/2021 Leaderboard winners from the Transitions series run over Dec'20 and Mar'21 dressage events.
PREP- OPEN   Fiona Harnett riding Bryn
- Y/R   Anna Corry riding Brookevalley Derfael
PRELIM- OPEN   Ali Johnson riding Elite Depardieu
- Y/R   Millie Hardman riding Wendamar Fizz
NOVICE- OPEN   Allison Williams riding Notwithstanding
- Y/R   Mia Avila riding Kelladee Park Classic
ELEM- OPEN   Diana Avery-Jones riding BML Sandriah
- Y/R   Teagan Christie riding Amani Phantasie
MED- OPEN   Claire Goater riding Excelsior Corvallis
Posted on 17-03-2021

Dates for Second Half of 2020/2021 Season
6th Feb - Rally
6th March - Rally
7th March - Unofficial Dressage, Leaderboard Series #2
3rd Apr - Rally
1st May - Rally
Sat 8th May - Official Dressage
New Season for 2021/2022 starts 28th AUGUST 2021
Posted on 06-01-2021

Judging the stretchy trot circle
Click on link below to read the article
Posted on 08-09-2020

Dates for Start of 2020/2021 Season
Dates for the start of 2020/2021 Season:
1st AUG. 2020 - Rally
23rd AUG. 2020 - Official Dressage
29th AUG. 2020 - Rally - AGM
3rd OCT. 2020 - Rally
7th NOV. 2020 - Rally
5th DEC. 2020 - Rally
6th DEC. 2020 - Unofficial Dressage
Posted on 15-06-2020

The cover photo of Hoofbeats
Congratulations to Marj Radford, Transitions President and Chief Coach and her horse Don Vito (Eddie)
Marj Radford on the cover of Hoofbeats
Posted on 14-06-2020

Congratulations to the following 2019/2020 Leaderboard winners from Transitions series run over Dec'19 and Mar'20 dressage days.
PREP:Rose-Lee Principe riding Balgownie Bathilde
PRELIM OPEN:Jessica Cappendell riding Trapalanda Downs Pandora
PRELIM: Young Rider:Amalie Arnell-Smith riding Glomax Mozart
NOVICEMichelle Carranza riding Bluefields Pepita
ELEM: OPENJulie Verschuer riding DVZ Tres Bien
ELEM: Young Rider:Ella Jones riding Dreeme Pk Simply Gold
MEDIUM OPEN:Siri Spranz riding Diorella
ADVANCED OPEN: Minnie Hall riding Antyk Angus
Posted on 10-03-2020

2019 Trophy Winner
Chloe Moon
Marjorie Radford & Chloe Moon
Posted on 17-12-2019

Dates for Second Half of 2019/2020 Season
1st Feb: Rally
7th Mar: Rally
8th Mar: Unofficial D/Day
4th Apr: Rally
2nd May: Rally
9th May (SAT): Official D/Day
Posted on 31-05-2019

Congratulations to the winners of our Transitions Leaderboard Series run over the Dec. 2nd 2018 and March 3rd 2019 Dressage Days.
PREP YOUNG RIDER:Hannah Horne & Penley Vintage
PRELIM – OPEN:Siri Spranz & Diorella
PRELIM - YR:Zoe Fenner & Lebonstern Appeal
NOVICE - OPEN:Ashlee Roberts & Omega Pk Solitaie
NOVICE - YR:Ella Wiseman & Contendro’s Wish
ELEM - OPEN:Vernon Reed & Bluefield’s Rosenglanz
ELEM - YR:Saskia Van Aurich & Kalimar Valentino
MED - OPEN:Deanna McDade & Evenfall Capulet
MED - YR:Chelsea De Jonge & Savio H
ADV - YR:Chelsea De Jonge & Savio H
PSG - OPEN:Narelle Lange & Wandiera Rhapsody
Narelle Lange PSG WinnerHannah Horne Prep YR Winner
Posted on 07-03-2019

Dates for Second Half of 2018/2019 Season
2nd Feb: Rally
2nd Mar: Rally
3rd Mar: Unofficial Dressage Day
6th Apr: Rally
4th May: Rally (Brookleigh Rally)
12th May: Dressage Day
Posted on 26-06-2018

Transitions Leaderboard Series
Congratulations to the winners of our Transitions Leaderboard Series run over the December 3rd 2017 and March 4th 2018 Dressage Days.
PREP - OPEN:Gina Hendrie
ELEM - OPEN:Bonnie Dumbreck
PREP - YR:Caitlen Lilly
RELIM - OPEN:Frances Woods
MEDIUM - OPEN:Shanae Hill
PRELIM - YR:Ella Wilson
NOVICE - OPEN:Keely Lambert
PSG & INTER 1: Marjorie Radford
NOVICE - YR:Ella Wiseman
Our champions
Posted on 08-03-2018

Horse of the Year 2016
Congratulations to Marj Radford, Transitions Head Coach, so proud of you and Felice.
Felice & Marj
Posted on 06-02-2017

Caring for Your Helmet
Your helmet is probably one of your most valuable pieces of riding equipment.
Click on this link to read the article
Posted on 01-01-2017

News January 2016
Highlight of 20th Anniversary Season 2015/2016 "Masters of Dressage"
masters of dressage original 293.JPGmasters of dressage original 303.JPGmasters of dressage original 368.JPGmasters of dressage original 393.JPGmasters of dressage original 415masters of dressage original 457
Posted on 01-01-2016

News October 2015

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Dates for the 2015/2016 season:
5 Sep 2015 - Rally - AGM
10 Oct 2015 - Rally
7 Nov 2015 - Rally
5 Dec 2015 - Rally
6 Dec 2015 - Dressage Day
6 Feb 16 - Rally
5 Mar 16 - Rally
6 Mar 16 - Unofficial Dressage Day
2 Apr 16 - Rally
10 Apr 16 - Dressage Day
14 May 16 - Brookleigh Rally
Season starts again 3 Sep 2016

Posted on 14-05-2015

News for Jan / Feb 2014
Unofficial Dressage Day 9th March 2014
Details here

NOTE: Date change April rally to 5th April
(Autumn Dressage Festival 12 & 13 April)

Winner Transitions Trophy for 2013
Fraser Bower riding Don J'amee with a score of 73.4%
Posted on 20-01-2014

The Nov 30th rally is moved to Dec 7th.

The Dec 1st offical Dressage Day is cancelled due to the State Championships changed to this date.

Posted on 03-10-2013

Upcoming events
September 7th 2013: First rally new season. AGM 12:00 noon.
December 1st 2013: Official Dressage Day

Further dates & information to follow.
Posted on 24-07-2013

New Season Starts 7th September 2013
Limited membership is now available for the new season beginning 7th September 2013 and ending 10th May 2014.
If you are interested in becoming a member of Transitions please go to our membership page for more information.
Posted on 23-07-2013

Property and Horse Registration
People with any livestock must register their horses with the Dept of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA).
On registration, a Property Identification Code (PIC) card will be issued.
All horse owners must be registered and have a current PIC.
Go to for Livestock Biosecurity Factsheets and Registration Form, or contact DAFWA Stock Inspector: 9780-6100.
Required by law under the Biosecurity and Agricultural Mgmt, Regulation 2013 (the BAM(IMSA) Reg.)
Posted on 22-07-2013