Membership 2023/2024

Season Starts 9th Sep 2023

Limited membership will be available by the end of the current season for the 2023/2024 season which begins 9th September 2023.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Transitions, or renewing your membership for the up-coming season, please download and complete the Membership Application (including the photo declaration page). If you ARE NOT a member of EWA the EA Waiver is required to be submitted (shown on the right of this page). Email forms to the Rally Co-ordinator Marian Semones,(details on form), or if you have any queries call Marian on 0407 171 942.

Membership Forms

Download and complete the following forms... more details are given on the documents.

Membership Application

Equestrian Australia Waiver

Transitions has a strictly limited number of membership places available.

General Membership Information

Transitions Inc. was established on 31st August 1996 to meet the growing need for quality Dressage instruction for Junior and Young Riders at an affordable price.

The club aims to cater for ALL riders from beginners to FEI, from small children to young adults. Any rider, 25 years and under, who can ride independently is welcome to join, in fact Transitions welcomes all riders regardless of their chosen discipline - eventing, show jumping, pony clubers, saddle horse and of course the club’s specialty area, dressage.

The club caters for all sorts of horses, from ponies to warmbloods, young freshly broken 4 year olds to off the track thoroughbreds, to old veterans. You don’t have to have an expensive horse to progress at Transitions. Many of our junior riders have gained a lot of experience on older horses, with the benefit of the experienced instructors, before going on to added success on younger horses that they have “produced”, with the help of the instruction received at Transitions.

There are two or three visiting instructors, all experienced and qualified in teaching riding. Two mounted lessons are given each rally, with no more than four riders in each group, with horses and riders of similar size, age and experience. A lecture is given during the lunch break, mainly by a guest speaker on a variety of subjects, ie saddle fitting, riding with images, nutrition and conditioning, veterinary subjects, equine therapy, etc., or one of our visiting instructors will give a talk on the “theme” we are using that rally.

The season runs from September to May. During the hottest months we ride early, finishing by 2 p.m. We also hold two Official Dressage Days and a Dressage Training Day, during the season to practise our dressage skills. These are also fundraisers for the club, and all members are encouraged to participate, not only in riding, but also learning some of the many duties that go towards running a successful day, the chance to pencil for official judges, the requirements of a good gear checker, and how to add up the scores, properly presenting the final results.

Fees are required to be paid in full, with your membership application. Arrangements can be made with the treasurer if you cannot pay your fees in one payment, BUT they must be paid in full by the November Rally. Our instructors are paid for on the day, regardless of the number of riders attending the rally, and asking for the fees up front is the only way we can afford to offer you top class instruction, with two lessons and no more than four riders in the class. A ground fee is applicable if rallies are held at other venues i.e. Swan Valley Equestrian Park, Brookleigh etc. usually $10 per rally.

There will be an ATTENDANCE BOOK at the rally. It is your responsibility to sign in before your first lesson and note whether you will be attending the following rally. You will then be assigned to your groups from this information. It is most important that the Rally Coordinator is notified of any changes, particularly details of horses, different or extra, at least one week in advance, to allocate you to the correct groups. Riders are grouped according to their level and their horse's or pony's level, wherever possible, riders are also grouped with riders of a similar age. No lesson times are given out prior to the rally. Riders are expected to be on the grounds in plenty of time to help erect the arenas and warm up their mounts. Group lists, times, arenas and instructors will be posted in front of the clubhouse. A library/video service is also provided to members. Videos may be reviewed at rally days. Books may be borrowed on an honor system. These have all been donated and are for the use of everyone.


We encourage all members to wear the club uniform which consists of a burgundy polo shirt with club name and logos (available at the first rally, or may be ordered if your size is unavailable), cream jodhpurs and an approved safety helmet, with riding boots (no Wellington boots). White saddle blanket (club logos are available) and white bandages. Baseball caps and windcheaters are also available in the clubs colors. Long hair should be restrained.


SADDLE: Should be of English style.
BRIDLE: Must be leather (no plastic) with noseband as per EA rules for Dressage. Double bridles are only permitted on horses working at Medium level or above, or if requested by the instructor.
BITS: Those which are acceptable under EA rules for Dressage.
FLY VEILS: String type when riding, not mesh (it can inhibit vision).

Horses should be shod or trimmed correctly, with manes and tails pulled and superfluous hair trimmed. Both horse and rider should be presented clean and tidy, warmed up and on time for their instructor.