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2018 Pony Club Dressage Championships

Gaby & EllaPresentation 2018 Stewart Harkness winners
On the 18th and 19th of August, Transitions members Ella Wiseman, Erin Greenwood, Scarlett Thomas, Caitlen Lilly and myself competed at the 2018 PCAWA State Dressage Championships.
The highlight of the weekend for Ella and I was winning the Stuart Harkness Trophy for our pairs dressage test sponsored by Elite Floats. This was very surprising as we had to practise bareback leading up to the competition due to a saddle mishap.
Ella, Erin and I were also excited to be part of the Metropolitan zone team who finished sixth in the novice zone teams challenge with Ella coming first out of 24 riders with a huge score of 73%.
Scarlett and Caitlen also competed in the freestyle class and looked amazing in their costumes, with Scarlett receiving 5th place out of 15 riders for her novice freestyle.
Overall the weekend was extremely successful with all riders representing transitions well and completing good tests and freestyles over the weekend. It was great to see the Transitions banner and to have our amazing club sponsor this awesome event.

Mia Fleckhammer trip to Germany - June 2018

On the 18th of June, mum dad and I departed from the Perth airport and begun our 19hr flight to Germany. We finally arrived a day later in the city of Germany, Munich.

The environment was already so different to Perth or anywhere I had ever been! The city was very busy with church bells ringing and bratwurst vans parked on the side of roads, the city was full of old but beautiful houses with flowers in every window.

We spent 5 days in Munich before heading off to the Bavarian region, where I started my training. The coaches were very talented and experienced, I trained on two horses for the week and a half, one was a 17.3 hh German warmblood and the other was a 16.2hh Hanoverian. I fell in love with both the beautiful horses after riding 3 times a day and told dad that I simply could not live without them and we must bring them home, although the best I got was a toy horse that could fit in my suitcase. Riding at this stable gave me a much larger understanding of how to train a horse specific movement in different ways, and ways that don’t create friction and annoyance between horse and rider, which was important to them.

I was lucky enough to visit my favorite member from the German Olympic team, Jessica von Bredow- Werln. I have always looked up to her and her major success in her riding career. I was also privileged to visit her private stable Aubenhausen, it was so exciting to see the management and the riding perspective of an Olympian’s horses, the different ways of exercising the horses, the riding techniques, the stabling hours, facilities and the pasture.

Meeting her "famous" horse was so exciting, I was only thinking about ways I could bring him home in my suitcase! She was a very inspiring women who told me that "everyone starts somewhere and to follow my dreams". It was definitely a highlight of my holiday! After my riding time was over my parents dragged me away from those beautiful warmbloods and we left to Austria, after around 5 hours on the Autobarn we arrived at our hotel.

The next day we drove to the FEI competition held by Swarovski, where riders from all over the world including Australia, competed from inter to grand prix. All riders were exceptional although my favourites were Isabel Werth and Dorothee Schneider, who managed to take out the majority of classes. The horses they competed on were so talented and trained with absolute perfection.

The prizes were phenomenal, with large Swarovski crystal trophies to money ranging from $20, 000 onwards. Each rider arrived with massive flash trucks and teams of grooms and coaches. The atmosphere was incredible and so lively. I have never experienced anything like it.

After this 3-week holiday, it has opened my eyes to so much and provided me with important knowledge, it has increased my will to succeed and I found my real happy place.


Chelsea & Boy
Wanda, Daniel & Mia Fleckhammer stayed at the Losari Resort and enjoyed a lovely stroll through their amazing property. Lovely weather, but very cold mornings and evenings, said Wanda!

Daughter Mia and her pony "Carbo" put in a great weekend of tests placing 3rd in all their pony classes. Competitor 1:2 & 1:3, plus the competitor 2:2 and Participant 2:2, scoring 60% and above in all tests. Proud parents watched Mia & "Carbo" do their first ever Novice Freestyle scoring 60.7% and placing 1st. A great effort by Mia and also a big learning curve, esp. when incorporating the compulsory movements, when designing her music & movements.

It was also special that Mia and Chelsea had the opportunity to spend time together and support each other over the weekend.

CHELSEA De JONGE & ROHAN McCALLION both rode the 4:2 & 4:3 Medium tests with Chelsea and her pony "Boy" taking out Champion Med. Pony and Rohan and "Jet" placing 2nd. Rohan also placed 2nd in the PCAWA 4:2.

TRANSITIONS is proud to have these fantastic Young Riders represent them at such a top class competition.

WELL DONE everyone.


Mia and CarboMia
PENNY HILL RISING STAR FINALS held on the 29th Sept ’17 at the SEC. All the riders at the finals rode the Novice 2:3 test under judges Susie Hoevenaars from the Eastern States and Hannie Byrne. Mia Fleckhammer and her pony "Carbo" were awarded the Reserve Champion Pony with a score of 60.94%. Mia had just returned from a holiday down south in Denmark the day before this event, "Carbo" hadn’t been worked and yet he performed so well. Perhaps the rest in the paddock rejuvenated him! Congratulations Mia and look at that wonderful photo of you riding infront of our new Transitions sign indoors at the SEC – perfect placing, well done to the photographer!

2017 National Interschool Championships

WA Interschool TeamKjerstiRohanRohanChelseaChelseaElla
The 2017 National Interschool Championships were held in Toowoomba, Qlds from 25th to 29th Sept. 2017.

Competitors, aged 5 – 18yrs are required to qualify from the State Interschool Championships to be selected to represent their State at the Australian Championships.

This covers disciplines of Dressage, Jumping, Eventing and Show Horse and attracts more than 2,000 school based competitors from around Australia.

Transitions members, Kjersti Grov, Rohan McCallion, Chelsea DeJonge and "visitor" member Ella Jones, all rode "pool" horses, not only to do WA proud but our club as well. It is not easy riding a strange horse with very little time before competing, to get to know your ride for the competition.

KJERSTI wrote "What an amazing couple of weeks. Our journey started in Beaudesert, Qld. having four lessons with Tor Van Den Berge on my amazing pool horse Zero Degrees (aka Sweeny) getting to learn all his "buttons" with just seven rides in total before having to ride a Prix St Georges and Inter 1 tests. Ended up Reserve Champion in the Inter 1 and 5th in the PSG. A huge shout out to the best mum Hayley Grov and dad Gunnar, best sponsors ever. I could not have gotten there without their support, starting at the Interschool Nationals in Toowoomba in 2012 and ending my Interschool Nationals in Toowoomba 2017. Best Nationals ever, thanks Qld."

ROHAN rode a pool pony named "Kings Joker" riding two Intermediate Novice tests and two Elems, placing 5th in the 3:2 and 6th in the 2:2. Great result Rohan.

CHELSEA: Congratulations to Chelsea and "Beau", Lakewood Beau Bello also riding two Novice and two Elem. tests making her parents very proud and loving her rides on this lovely pony.

ELLA riding "Frankie" also rode two Novice tests placing 6th in the 2:2. The Working Hunter saw Ella place 8th in hand, 8th in jumping (hunter phase) 2nd Rider Class and 6th overall Working Hunter. Congrats Ella & Frankie.

4 year old Young Dressage Horser Winner

BML Silhouette owned and ridden by Astrd Gov.
Read article here

Henty Winter Dressage Championships, August 6th & 7th 2016

Tayla Heath
Congratulations to Tayla Heath and Maraahn El Shamar on having a very successful weekend at the Henty Winter Dressage Championships, held August 6th & 7th 2016.

This lovely combination were 2nd in the Novice 2:1 with a great score of 69.7% and the Eastern States judge having them 1st. 2nd in the Novice 2:2 with 66% and 7th in the Freestyle on 68%.

In the end Tayla & Shamar were Reserve Champions with a very small margin between Champion.

Tayla commented how very proud she was of Shamar (competing in arenas completely under water on the Sunday) and how "over the moon" she was with the Eastern State Judge's score and comments.

WELL DONE TAYLA & SHAMAR another great achievement.

Caitlynn Wedding

CONGRATULATIONS Caitlynn and Luke Mathie, married 13th May 2016 at the beautiful Laurance Winery, Dunsborough
Caitlynn & Luke

State Dressage Championships - May 7th & 8th, 2016

Marjorie Radford & Felice riding to be PRELIM. CHAMPIONTayla Heath receiving her winning rosettesKjersti Grov & Rheingold  Adv. Reserve Champion & Champion Young Rider Med. & Adv.IMG_6525-1000
State Dressage Championships held May 7th & 8th, 2016 saw a few of our club members riding and doing extremely well.

Our club President, MARJORIE RADFORD and her lovely young horse FELICE DE JEU took out PRELIMINARY CHAMPION with great scores including 72.8% in the 1:3.
Marj also placed 5th in the Novice 2:2 and 3rd in the 2:3 with scores of 70%

TAYLA HEATH and MARAAHN EL SHAMAR took out NOVICE CHAMPION PONY YR RIDER with scores in the Nov 2:2 and 2:3 Pony in the mid 60% scoring 4th & 5th overall and 1st YR/JR.

ELLA MILLER and MR ROLY ROYCE competed in the Nov. 2:2 and 2:3 really good scores in the mid 60% placing 2nd Jr in the 2:2 and 1st Jr in 2:3. Also 62% in the Elem 3:2.

KRYSTAL WALTHER & BLOOMFIELD RUBY ROSE (Pippa) rode a Novice 2:2 with a great score, also.

KJERSTI GROV and KINNORDY RHEINGOLD had great results taking MEDIUM CHAMPION YOUNG RIDER/JR . 10th overall in a very competitive field and 1st YR/JR. ADVANCE RESERVE CHAMPION (Competitive) and CHAMPION YOUNG RIDER.
Kjersti’s Advanced scores of 66.5% in 5:2 and 63.158% in 5:3 gave her 3rd & 5th place overall and 1st placing for YR/JR giving her ADVANCE CHAMPION YOUNG RIDER.


Alex HeathTransitions group
Alex Heath took part in the Riverside 3 day showman series which finished Sunday 25th October. On the final day she achieved 70% in her prelim 1.2 test and first place in dressage. This gave her a second place for the whole day of inhand, dressage and 60 cm show jumping. And an overall 3rd place for the whole series.

Shanae Hill - Interschool National Championships

Shanae Hill
Shanae Hill, a member of Transitions, represented WA in the Interschool National Championships held in Sydney at the International Equestrian Centre, same grounds as the 2000 Olympics for all the Equestrian Events. The indoor stadium was complete with big screens documenting her test and the very idea of riding in the same arena as Olympians was very exciting.
The Interschool competition is organised by each State branches of Equestrian Australia.

There is a WA Championship held before hand to select a Team to represent WA and the Australian Championships took place starting Sept. 28th ’15.

Congratulations to Shanae and other members of Transitions who also were on that WA Team. Ella Miller and Gemma Marlow.

WA won the Spirit Shield Award for the whole event and finished 4th overall.

Shanae Hill

Raffle Winners
Sunday the 30th of August Shanae Hill from Transitions had a fundraiser to help her and two other young riders go to Sydney Nationals this September Shanae will be competing at medium level dressage and also the show horse classes. The day was a great success and it couldn't have been possible without the help of Marian Semones, Sonia De Berner and Peter Dagatz. We thank you to these amazing judges for donating their time to help the girls reach their goals and represent WA at the Sydney Interschool Nationals.
This photo is of the winners of the Amazing Raffle which was drawn on the day.

HENTY DRESSAGE COMPETITION 1st and 2nd August, 2015

TRANSITIONS members had a great weekend at the HENTY DRESSAGE COMPETITION 1st and 2nd August, 2015.

CONGRATULATIONS to Marjorie Radford and her lovely SONIQUE winning Medium Champion with a 1st in the 4:1 on 67.431% and 1st 4:2 on 66.538% judged by Eastern States judge Maria Schwennesen. 1st Medium Freestyle on 71.5% to become CHAMPION. Marj’s and Sonique’s Advanced scores were just as impressive with 2nd in the 5:1 65.076% ( 1st place was 65.833% ! ) and 2nd 5:2 with 67.143%

Caitlynn Dumbreck was Prelim Champion riding Bloomfield Royal Victory scoring 65.227% in the 1:1 and 65.481% in the 1:2 together with 62% in the Prelim Freestyle. Caitlynn’s Novice tests scored well also with 63.241% in the 2:1 and 62.143% in the 2:2
WELL DONE CAITLYNN AND “Allegra” first of many Championships.

BONNIE DUMBRECK riding Leedale William Tell won the PCAWA 15 yrs & Under ELEM: 3:1 with a score of 60.909% 4th in the 2:1 Pony 64.259% and 5th 2:2 61.429% and a 65% in the Novice Freestyle.

HARMONY DUMBRECK and Bundawarra Belle Mia was 2nd in the PCAWA Nov. 2:1 with 65.926% and 4th Prelim 1.1 Pony 65.568%. Her Prelim 1:2 Pony scored 65.577% and came 5th Prelim Freestyle with 69%
WELL DONE HARMONY AND “BELLA” you had a busy weekend!

TAYLA HEATH and her lovely Maraahn El Shamar received 57.037% in Nov. 2:1 and 70.357% in the Novice Freestyle.
Great score Tayla!

Big classes with over 400 tests over the weekend !!!

CONGRATULATIONS to Transitions members, you always do the club proud.


Bonnie and Tayla
WINNERS - Bonnie Dumbreck and Tayla Heath

Transitions members riding at his years State Dressage Championships did the club proud, with Tayla Heath being named Prelim. JR/YR Champion and Bonnie Dumbreck Reserve.

Ella Miller was Participant Novice Reserve Champion, placing 2nd in both Novice classes
and being named Participant Novice Reserve JR/YR Champion.

Amelia Gal won the Para EA Test (various) with scores of 69% and 72%, and also placed in the Pony Elementary together with Shanae Hill and Gemma Marlow riding Elem. Level.

Tayla and Bonnie both rode in the Pony Novice classes with Tayla placing 6th overall.

Other members riding were Caitlynn Dumbreck, Krystal Walther and Sam Burns.


Interclub Challenge 2nd Nov 2014

Reserve Champion Team
Run by the Perth Dressage Club at the SEC, Brigadoon

Transitions entered three teams.

(1 )The Team made up of Shanae Hill riding Penely Gucci, Sam Burns riding Astral, Leah Annesley riding Mallaine Motown, and Ella Miller riding Mr Roly Royce - RESERVE CHAMPION TEAM
(2) Caitlynn Dumbreck riding Bloomfield Royal Victory, Bonnie riding Leedale William Tell, and Harmony riding Bundawarra Belle Mia - PLACED 6th
(3) Tayla Heath riding Maraahn El Shamar, Alex Heath riding Kirralea Celebration, and Emily Blaasch riding Butch Cassidy - PLACED 8TH



Dear Transitions Members,

I just wanted to again express my thank you for the kind sponsorship of myself and Pilgrim for the 2013 PCAWA National Championships. This was an experience I will never forget.

Myself and Pilgrim ended up sitting 8th after the 4 days of competition which was a big feat considering the quality of the competition ranged from riders at elementary level through to those combinations which were competing in small tours. To give you an insight to how close the competition was, the rider who won the 3D scored 71%, I got 8th in this test on a 65%!

The most important thing about this competition was setting goals for me and Pilgrim and achieving these. The first goal was to ensure I always score 7.5 or above for my rider coefficient, I did this with flying colours and ended up with at least a 7.5 from both judges in all tests, one test I actually received an 8.5 from one judge and an 8 from the other! My second goal was to always get above 6.5 in my medium paces as this is Pilgrims weakness; we managed to achieve this goal too! Our third goal was to not get the comment "well tried" and let's face it there are a few things you can control in a dressage test, the judges go to lines are one thing you can't! Our last goal was to always remain relaxed in the indoor arena; myself and Pilgrim smashed this goal, with not a comment about him looking "tense" or "uptight" to be seen.

From this experience I learnt that there is always room from improvement and the best thing for a dressage rider to always think about is to "ALWAYS SHOW MORE!"

Lastly, it was such an honour to be presented the sponsorship cheque by Marion and Marj, there's not a time where I can remember these two lovely ladies not being involved somewhere in my riding career and Marion thank you for popping into the SEC to say hi and give me some moral support, to mum who is a foundation member of Transitions and the biggest part of my horsey life, thank you so much for attending all the lessons, dealing with my tantrums and tears and helping me get to state level!

Transitions is such a wonderful club and I am proud to join the list of Transition members which have represented their state, I have a photograph and frame to present to the club further expressing my thanks, however I am in Melbourne doing a spot of horse shopping this rally and I would like to present this to Transitions at the next rally.

Kind Regards,

Caitlynn and Pilgrim Dumbreck

Amelia Gal's Trip to Germany 2013

On the 23rd of July this year I travelled to Germany with Kaitlin Hull to learn more about the breeding of dressage horses and ponies and experience the renowned equestrian shows.

For the first week we went to the Obdenburger Landesturnier Show from Wednesday to the Saturday. Every horse was immaculately presented for their classes, and in most cases it was difficult to pick a winner.

In the 4 year old dressage horse class, Kaitlin had a mare named KDH Sunday Morning and after two rounds of 4 year old testing, she came out the overall winner.

There was almost every discipline of equestrian sport you could imagine.

They ran a single cross country competition, as well as harness, massive show jumping, well over 120cm, vaulting, pony dressage, pony games and many more events that I just didn't have time to see.

My favourite non dressage competitions to watch was the Quadrols, pony games/races, and the ride and drive. All of the games ponies were ridden bareback, and in teams from clubs. They had to work together and you could see how much fun they were having.

The ride and drive was amazing. What happens is that a single rider completes a show jumping round as fast as possible while a massive four horse carriage waits, walking up and down a narrow area until the rider finishes. After the last jump, the rider had to dismount, and then sprint to catch the carriage before they took off through their course. They navigated through witches hats only just wide enough for them to fit. The entire show was like nothing I have ever seen before.

During the week following we visited a pony stud, a State Farm, and I was lucky enough to ride Kaitlin's "Sunday Morning" and an FEI trained gelding.

The overall experience of travelling to Germany to view equestrian events and learn about breeding, was fantastic. I would recommend anyone, at any level, who is interested in any discipline, to travel to another country, such as Germany, to experience the equestrian culture, for themselves.

It is truly amazing and one I know I will never forget.


Kiara Govan

Congratulations to Kiara Govan and "Jack" on their invitation to attend the National Pony Show in Sydney, March 15, 16 and 17th 2013. "Jack" qualified for the Nationals at the All Welsh Show in November 2012, selected by judges from the U.K. as Supreme Welsh Pony.

All the best to Kiara and "Jack" your training at Transitions will "shine through".

Also Kiara celebrated her 21st on the 12th February. Hope you had a great celebration.

Maddie Roe's Adventure in Japan

Iwata Higashi High School
Iwata Higashi High School is a senior school consisting of a seven story building with multiple playing fields and various surrounding buildings. Inside of the main building only slippers are to be worn and only one elevator is provided giving my study group and I a lot of 'fun' clambering our way up seven flights of stairs through out the day. The Japanese students that hosted our stay were very skilled in the art of trekking up and down stairs without the slippers falling off your feet and frequently forgot that we could not shuffle around as fast as them leaving many off us about two floors behind them, panting and rubbing our sore legs.

When I first arrived at the school, I was quite nervous considering my Japanese speaking skills are almost non-existent, however, the hospitality of all the students in Iwata made my study group and I feel at home almost instantly. Apart from normal classes, my study group participated in a special tea ceremony, calligraphy class and kendo club. The green tea at the tea ceremony adopted a 'different' taste, to say the least whereas the kendo club was quite scary as it involved lots of shouting and hitting things with sticks. When we weren't at the school we were spending time with our host families. The weekend that I spent with my host family included bowling, shopping and a quick trip to Nagoya Aquarium, which is home to a small pod of Orcas. After a very busy week at Iwata Higashi, it was time to say good-bye to our host families and the school we had all come to love, and begin our travel to Hiroshima.
(See: Pictures 1 - 2)

Whilst our stay in Hiroshima was only short, it was certainly a lasting experience, visiting the Peace Park and Museum and Miyajima Island. The Peace Park and Museum is home to one of the last buildings still standing in Japan after the bombings in 1945 and a museum which is dedicated to remembering those who were lost and informing younger generations on the tragedy that took place. The stories of those who survived were confronting and devastating to read, many talking about loved ones who had been lost and the misinformation given by the government of the time. It also contained small birds-eye models of Hiroshima before and after the bomb. Miyajima Island is not only home to many ancient shrines and temples but also a large amount of seemingly domesticated deer which have free range of the island and are very friendly with visitors and residents. At Miyajima Island my study group and I were lucky enough to see the Itsukushina shrine and many other landmarks. A couple of my friends and I even managed to see a 'tanuki' or raccoon-dog.
(See: Pictures 3 - 6)

After our stay in Hiroshima, my study group made it's way to Kyoto the view more shrines and temples. One of the many temples we visited was Kinkakuji, the Golden Temple. It was extremely large and, as the name states, very golden in colour. We were also privileged enough to visit Ryouanji, which is a zen garden. The day we visited was rainy but still extremely fun and it was a beautiful place to see.
(See: Pictures 7 - 8)

Whilst a majority of our stay in Osaka consisted of shopping (much to the girls in our group's pleasure) we did get to spend one day at Universal Studios. Universal Studios was very exciting and definitely lived up to many standards. There was roller coasters and many other rides, all of which were themed, creating a very comfortable and enjoyable aura. We also managed the make a quick trip to the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, which had a small life-size village encased within it. The replica even had weather changes in correspondence with the weather outside.
(See: Picture 9)

Overall my experience in Japan was one that I will never forget, creating many fond memories, whether they be relaxing in the hotel or visiting famous landmarks. If anyone was to ask myself whether the trip was worth any amount of money or work, I would hesitate in answering that it is certainly a once in a life-time opportunity that should never be turned down.
Iwata Higashi High SchoolThe tea ceremonyThe last building standingShrine on Miyajima IslandOne of the many deers on Miyajima IslandThe tanuki/raccoon dogThe Golden TempleThe Zen GardenUniversal Studios

2012 Interschool National Championships!

WA 2012 Interschool TeamElla Miller
On the first week of the October school holidays, my mum and I flew to QLD, as I was competing in the 2012 Interschool National Championships, held in Toowoomba. I was selected to compete in three disciplines – Combined Training, Showman and Interschool Challenge, in the primary classes.

I did not bring my own pony, so I was lucky enough to borrow a pool horse called Kingswood Showtime (Woody), who is a 12.2 hands Welsh B bay pony, with a blaze. He is a very cute but cheeky and lazy pony. I had to work hard to keep him forward and stop him trantering!

Mum and I stayed in our motor home at the Toowoomba showgrounds together with some of the other WA competitors. My favourite part of the competition was the opening ceremony. I thought the WA team looked fantastic in our state uniforms!

This competition was a really good experience. Although I didn’t place I was really happy to receive some great and encouraging comments from the judges. It was challenging to ride an unfamiliar pony, but I had heaps of fun, learnt a lot and made some new friends. I hope to qualify for the 2013 Interschool Nationals, held in WA, on my new horse Phoenix.

By Ella Miller

National Interschool Comp Toowoomba Qld

Emily Pelham & Atlantic RainKenya Wilson, Angus Muir, Emily Pelham, Makayla Thor
Year 12 student Emily Pelham recently competed in the National Interschool Equestrian Competition in Toowoomba, Queenslad during the school holidays.
Emily travelled with 40 of the States top school aged riders to compete over five days in five disciplines, including Dressage, Jumping, Eventing, Showman and Interschool Challenge. Emily's Eventing team came 4th and Western Australia came 3rd overall. Congratulations to Emily, for a great result.

Royal Show 2012 - Kiara Govan

Kiara riding Penley Giovanni (Jack)Kiara riding Penley Giovanni (Jack)Kiara riding Currie Park Iona (Maggie)
This years Perth Royal Show I competed on Thursday 4th October in the Buckskin class in both led and ridden. In our led class Penley Giovanni (Jack) and I recived third place in our best presented, Second place in the gelding class over 4years and was sashed reserve champion. In the ridden part we recieved first place gelding or stallion but unluckily did not received the over all champion ridden (as we have won the last 2 years running). This year we just missed out! But he worked the best he has ever worked so I am pleased with that.

On the 5th October I competed again on my mums horse Currie Park Iona (Maggie) in the Highland class. Over all we recived Reserve Champion. This year we did our first ridden class at the royal show and she was just amazing. She worked perfectly (considering all the dressage training she has had with Sally-Leigh Woods). In the APSB ridden mare class we received fifth out of a very strong class.

And lastly on the Saturday 6th October the last day we had our Part Welsh class with Penley Giovanni (Jack). We recieved third best presented but unfortunately did not place in our gelding part welsh class. And lastly in our Ridden class we reveived fouth gelding. By the end of the day we were exhausted which did not help that i had the flu from Thursday.

Perth Royal Show 2012

Gemma Marlow riding Judaroo Galla
This is a picture of Gemma Marlow riding Judaroo Galla at the Perth Royal Show. I had the privilege of performing a Pas De Deux dressage display on Sunday the 30th of September. My theme for the Pas De Deux was Footy Fever. I was an eagles player and my pony was an eagles supporter.

Gemma Marlow - Transitions Dressage Club Member

Amelia Gal - Success in the UK

Amelia GalAmelia
Early in 2011 I was lucky enough to be chosen to represent Australia at the U.K. International Dressage Challenge, held in April 2012 at Addington Manor. We had to have dressage knowledge and experience and my time at Transitions helped me with this.

My journey began in London for a fantastic week touring including the Royal Mews. We walked in wearing our team jackets and the Head Groom noticed we were from Australia, he also was an Aussie, we were given an inside tour to see The Windsor Greys and all the workings of the stables and the spotless gear.

During my stay I was billeted with a family at Rowfantina Stud in East Sussex. I was treated to English hospitality and saw first-hand the running of a large yard. I attended one of the largest British shows and experienced how they were run. I enjoyed the working hunters.

I was to ride a borrowed horse and sadly I only rode him for half an hour on Thursday and ten minutes before the event. My mount was a Ridding Pony gelding who was well educated and a pleasure to ride. The dressage in England is different to here, Shetlands play a big part and believe it or not they dominated the placing. I was placed 4th in the International Competition and also received the special R.P.S.B medal. I learnt a lot about myself and gained International experience. What a wonderful trip.