Alyce Merton from EquitherapyEquitherapyAlyce Merton from Equitherapy
Rally Saturday 11th October 2014
Held at Wallangarra Pony Club
Alyce Merton from Equitherapy came to Transitions on the 11th of October to talk about Stretching.

She painted “Los Caballos Legend” with the extensor and flexor muscle chains. The extensor chain are located above the spine and behind the hip. The flexor chain is located below the spine and in front of the hip.

The stretches Alyce showed us on Los Caballos Legend included:

Carrot Stretches – chin to chest, chin to knees, chin to fetlock, chin to shoulder, chin to hind and lastly extension of the neck.

Core Strengthening – tummy tuck and hind end tuck.

Balancing – making the horse rock backwards by applying pressure to the horses chest, gently pulling the horses tail from side to side and lastly lifting a front leg and gently pushing on the horses shoulder.