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New Season Starts 7th September 2013
Limited membership is now available for the new season beginning 7th September 2013 and ending 10th May 2014.
If you are interested in becoming a member of Transitions please go to our membership page for more information.
Posted on 23-07-2013

Property and Horse Registration
People with any livestock must register their horses with the Dept of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA).
On registration, a Property Identification Code (PIC) card will be issued.
All horse owners must be registered and have a current PIC.
Go to for Livestock Biosecurity Factsheets and Registration Form, or contact DAFWA Stock Inspector: 9780-6100.
Required by law under the Biosecurity and Agricultural Mgmt, Regulation 2013 (the BAM(IMSA) Reg.)
Posted on 22-07-2013