Rally Saturday 6th October 2012
Bowen and tissue salts lecture
For this rally we had a lunch time lecture on the benefits of Bowen and tissue salts on people and horses. It was explained that Bowen is gentle, non-invasive movements over the muscles and the tendons around the body. This reduces the tension of these muscles allowing them to relax and be used to their maximum ability. This relaxation allows for skeletal system to realign itself without force.

Two horses were used for demonstrating how Bowen is done and how very little can make a large difference. We were then told the benefits of using tissue salts to aid in recovery after Bowen and for treating different symptoms. A bottle of tissue salts was passed around in order for everyone to have a look and a taste if they liked to see that they are easy to take and are best absorbed by placing under the tongue.

We learned that Bowen therapists that use tissue salts to aid in recovery can quite often tell by looking at key points within a person's face what tissue salts they need to cover what they are lacking and to best benefit them.

Advantages of Bowen

• More energy
• Relaxed muscles and skeletal system
• Lower chance of illness
• Stress relief
• Migraine relief
• General muscle pain relief

Advantages of tissue salts

• Aids in recovery form bowen treatments
• Can aid muscles elasticity
• Fluid retention relief
• Bone strength
• Infection prevention
• Detoxification
• Fights inflammation
• Helps with digestion and gut problems
• Calmatives
• Stress relief
• Aids in better sleep
• Organ function
• Muscle function and tension relief
• Skin problems
• Hair and nail strength
• Eliminating of toxins

From this lecture we learnt to be more open minded to different forms of health therapies that can benefit both ourselves and our horses.